Teacher Training

What do you want to do in 10 years? All of us ask ourselves this question and sometimes we can’t find the best answer. But if you are a teacher of English or any other language, you have a great opportunity to build a career within 10 years. Starting with a BA in linguistics, later you can become whatever you want: IELTS Examiner, CELTA trainer, IHC tutor, Senior Teacher, ADoS, DoS, etc.

Our school is always ready to help our teachers to pursue their careers.

Our courses include CELTA, DELTA all Modules, IHCAM, IHCYLT, IELTS Examiner training, Exam preparation, etc. We also offer Advanced English for teachers, Russian for foreigners, and Kazakh language courses.

We can help you start your career or continue your professional growth.

Founded in 1953 by John and Brita Haycraft as one school in Spain, today IH is the largest international organization of which over 150 language schools in more than 50 countries are members.

IH schools are like a platform for multicultural dialogue and it opens doors for students from all over the world to better future.

Interpress IH became part of the International House World Organization in 2006 and today it includes 5 offices in 2 biggest cities – Almaty and Astana. 

Course Start Date End Date Format Location Application deadline Fee
CELTA05.06.202307.06.2023OnlineAlmaty 26.06.2023700.000 KZT
CELTA05.06.202330.06.2023OfflineAlmaty26.06.2023700.000 KZT
CELTA10.07.202311.08.2023OnlineAlmaty28.05.2023700.000 KZT
CELTA10.07.202304.08.2023OfflineAlmaty28.05.2023700.000 KZT
IH CAM 07.10.202324.02.2024 Online Almaty 01.09.2023300.000 KZT
IHCYLT 19.09.202330.01.2024 Online Almaty 24.07.2023 350.000 KZT
Teaching IELTS 01.07.202310.07.2023 Online Almaty 09.06.2023200.000 KZT
DELTA M2 15.08.202325.11.2023 Online Almaty 31.05.20231 200.000 KZT