The IHC online

What is the IHC online

The International House Certificate in Teaching Languages (IHCTL) is an initial teacher training certificate designed to prepare candidates for a job or career as a Language Teacher working with students who are learning the target language as a second / third etc., or foreign language.

Course Dates for IHC online course

September 2011 for 16 weeks (exact dates are to be confirmed later)

October 2011 for 16 weeks (exact dates are to be confirmed later)

(inc: 2 week break over Christmas)

The IHC online course aims

The main focus of the course is the planning and execution of lessons, followed by self-evaluation, group discussion, tutor’s oral and written feedback and candidate reflection on the whole process in order to inform future lessons and personal professional development. It is, therefore, experiential learning which is supported by an input programme, the production of written assignments of a practical nature, and the observation of professionals in the field.

The IHC online course content

The IHC online is divided into 14 compulsory modules covering everything from classroom management to motivating students.
There are further optional modules that may be covered towards the end of the course


The course is run partly online and requires regular / daily access to the Internet with a good connection. The face-to-face component consists of teaching: a minimum of 6 hours over the schedule length of the course e.g. 8 x 40 minute lessons with two different age groups.

Note: if you do not work at an IH school then you need to be able to arrange for a local tutor and have classes to be observed


There will be two types of tutors. An online tutor who will guide trainees through the online sessions and mark the two assignments and a face-to-face tutor who will observe the trainee teaching and provide feedback on lessons.

Time commitment

The course consists of 120 hours of input and a minimum of 80 hours of homework and reading tasks

Mode of assessment

The certificate is awarded to teachers who successfully complete the three areas of the course – the course work, the written assignments and teaching practice.

Is this course for you?

The IHCTL is intended for a range of candidates, including primarily:

  • candidates who are entirely new to teaching;
  • candidates who have taught languages but with little or no previous training;
  • candidates who have taught other subjects and wish to take up language teaching;
  • candidates who have received previous training in language teaching but feel the need for a refresher course or for a more practical qualification or for a more internationally recognised qualification.


200 000 KZT for non-IH staff

170 000 KZT for part-time IH staff

Enrolment procedure

1. The IHC online candidates for the course are selected initially by written application and then by interview with the
Local Tutor. Acceptance at either stage is not automatic.

2. There is a registration fee which you should pay in the amount of 100 000 kzt.

Please note that this deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

3. If you have been approved for the IHC course online the balance of the fee must be paid immediately.