IELTS Examiner

About the Course

IELTS examiners are qualified, experienced English language specialists. The Speaking and Writing Modules of the IELTS test are assessed by certificated examiners. IELTS examiners are required to re-certificate every two years and their performance is closely monitored to ensure global standards are maintained.

It is the responsibility of each IELTS test centre to recruit and train a pool of examiners. Centres recruit on a needs basis and nominate examiners who meet the following requirements:

  • applicants must be native speaker (or a non-native speaker of an overall IELTS Band 9 – with a 9 in both Speaking and Writing modules);
  • applicants must have a relevant TEFL qualification eg CELTS/DELTA;
  • applicants must have at least three years relevant teaching experience; and
  • applicants must have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent).

The applications of the nominated examiners have to be approved by a qualified examiner trainer. After approval the examiner undergoes face-to-face training, conducted by an accredited IELTS trainer and is required to do the certification assessment.