General English Plus

This is General English course for teens and adults. It is the most popular program in our school because 50% of the lessons are taught by foreign teachers.

This program is based on a comprehensive approach to the English learning process which covers the most significant aspects of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Combined teaching by local and foreign teachers gives the best effect in learning foreign language. After completion of this program the using of English becomes as free and easy as using your mother language.

We prepare our students for taking official Cambridge Exams: KET, PET, FCE, and CAE

General English

This is General English course for teens and adults. This program is similar to the General English Plus, with the only difference – lessons are taught by local teachers.

One to One

“One to One” program is developed for those people, who need individual approach. Only this course allows teacher to pay all his attention to one student.

Especially for you teacher will work out a studying program, which will take into account all your needs and will develop a definite skill. Also, you can select any studying rate.

Executive English

Lessons are taught in small groups (from 2 to 5 students). It is one of the most effective programs because teacher can pay more attention to each student.

In the framework of this program teachers can work out a special program for each student. This will help to satisfy student’s needs and to solve his problems in learning English.

Corporate English

Lessons are taught in companies’ offices.

English For Kids

During the learning process your child will be faced with a fascinating world of English language. He will learn English through songs, poems, cartoons, by preparing and presenting projects, etc. Moreover, he will get acquainted with culture and traditions of those people, whose mother language is English.

Groups are formed according to students’ age and background knowledge; from Little Friends aged 3 to Projects aged 12.

We prepare our students for taking official Cambridge certificates: Starters, Movers, and Flyers.

English For Teens

This program is especially developed for inquisitive teenagers, who want to keep abreast of the time, and who want not only speak English, but think in English.

With our experienced captains – our teachers, you will start your floating in English ocean, go round GRAMMAR, PRONUNCIATION & VOCABULARY reef rocks.

International Exams Preparation Course

Preparation course for taking TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and other international exams

This program includes learning the exam format, different effective techniques which will help you to get the highest score. You can also take a model test in real conditions. According to that, each student has an opportunity to estimate his readiness for an exam on individual tutorials which are held once a month.

Kazakh Language

This is General Kazakh language course for teens and adults.